Saturday, 12 March 2016

Mr and Mrs HTM Kenyatta University. Mark your calendars - March 16th 2016

The Mr & Mrs HTM  Event happening on 16th March will be segmented into two;

The corporate session that will commence from 8.30a.m to 3.30p.m

Then  the non stop entertainment session  from 4-8p.m.

Guess it's gonna be Less talking & much fun

So ladies and gentlemen... Brace yourself for the greatest beauty contest ever this year.

You don't wanna miss the models...the dancing...the poets..the mc's..the funniest comedians...and the photoshoot session.

The guest artist will be none other but the one and only King Kaka a.k.a Rabbit kaka sungura

Mix master Dj Spraxx
Will be the man behind the 1s & 2s...You surely dont wanna miss this one...tell a friend to tell a friend
And invite your talented buddies, models, dancers and MCs 👯👯👯👯👯

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