Monday, 3 August 2015

Which route has the best pimped matatus with the best music systems + large hd screens? Vote for your route,

Ni Dandora • Kasarani • Rongai • Buruburu ama ni Umoja

When it comes to public transport in Kenya, there is that image of a certain ma 3 that comes in your mind right? You have the answer (hio) and we all know that.
Kuna mitaa mob hii Nairobi - Nairobi has very many suburbs, from Kayole, Dandora ,Eastleigh Kasarani ,to Rongai (majuu) Buruburu,  Umoja just to name a few.

If you use public transport to school or work you have noticed that modern vans and buses are very different from those of old days.
Modern 'matatus' are not just buses and vans but classy means of transport Pimped and fitted with flats screens , modern loud  music systems  CCTV cameras and fluorescent lights.

Whatsup 254 would like you to represent your route by voting for your best matatu route in the form below and even vote for the best bus and even the best drivers and 'dondas' (touts) in the comment section,
Results will be published just keep voting and vote as many times as you can


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